When Cata is holding her camera she forgets about everything else, she focuses on her subjects and shoots rigorously, spontaneously, easily. She’s fast because she knows that real and important moments go by in an eyeblink, and that true emotions are, sometimes, fleeting.

She majored in advertising but works as a photographer, dedicating most of her time to capturing natural light and connecting with the present moment. She believes in gratitude, love and her purpose as a creator of keepsakes. She believes that pictures are memories but they are also a language that talks of feelings. There’s a particular picture of her as a little girl that she loves where she’s wearing a life vest and a smile in a boat in the ocean while sitting next to her dad. This picture speaks of who she is: nature, sensibility, freedom. It speaks also of her skill as a photographer: to perpetuate life as a memory that stays forever in the heart.