Photography is a witness. It is magic, to say the least. It is science falling in love with creativity, and this team stands behind that illusion. We are obsessed with technique and color. We are professional photographers with and expertise as big as our love for our art.


We are well versed in the genuine realities were nothing is fake and everything is authentic. We are skilled in capturing looks that are not often repeated, and also in things that seem trivial like taking off a veil, calming the nerves, counseling the anxious and sharpening our sensibility, our ability to empathize.

We are good humans first, and then, good hunters of memories. We are the word that calms the nerves first, and then, the lens that preserves forever that precise moment of joy. We are first, then and always, the eyes that look into the detail of the human experience. We are the witnesses of life in its best versions. The keepers of the fact that it really did happen, that it was in fact, real.


Do you shoot video?
No, we do only photography but we have an alliance with Moviola Videografía, a very cool videography studio that we love. If you hire us both each will give you a 200.000 COP discount on your selected package.

How do I book my wedding date?
First you need to drop us an email with all the information about your wedding: date, place, time, and number of guests, then we send you a quote, we get together or meet via internet, sign the contract and after you transfer the 50% down payment your date is booked and saved.

How long in advance should I book my date?
We assign dates on a first come, first served basis, so we recommend to book your date at least 8 in advance.

How many photographers will cover my wedding?
The quote usually covers 1 photographer, in case you need a second shooter it can be arranged at an extra cost. We usually recommend this for weddings of 180 guests or more.

Do you make photobooks?
Yes we do, we offer 2 different sizes of hardcover books with 200 pictures selected by the couple and a customized design. You can check out the digital versions of the books we’ve made here.

When will my final pictures be delivered?
Our promise is delivering the final digital files 3 weeks after the wedding date. For books it takes longer with the selection and design process.

How long is the wedding coverage?
We work for 8 hours straight, including 2 hours prior to the ceremony where we capture all the getting ready details. Additional hours can be hired at an additional cost.

Do you shoot destination weddings?
Yes! We absolutely love traveling and have shot weddings all over Colombia and in other countries like USA, Greece, France, Mexico, Jamaica, Panamá and Honduras.

Do you retouch your photos?
No we don’t, we do color editing on every single image so you get pictures with our consistent look, but we don’t do skin retouching or removing stuff from the pictures.

Will I get printed photos?
Not from us, but you’ll get a digital folder filled with high resolution files so you can print them in any size that you want and make as many copies as you want to share with your friends and family.


Any questions? Feel free to call us or send us an email