31 - 03 - 2020

P & Álvaro

Álvaro from Spain, and Penélope from Colombia decided to get married in Cartagena and  when we met it was instant chemistry. Álvaro made it  clear that he didn’t want to pose, he just wanted FUN pictures and we were up for it because:  who doesn’t like to have  fun?

They both chose beautiful places in the old town of Cartagena to get ready, Álvaro with his family doing all the Spanish traditions and P with hers as well.

The looks they exchanged during the ceremony, the tears shed by their guests, and the beautiful church made this wedding a delicious eye candy for us to shoot.

Once they were done with the ceremony, it was time to dance through the streets of Cartagena, they just couldn’t get enough of twirling, smiling, hugging and just having FUN. When we stole them away for their couple pictures they kept  on dancing and, as promised, enjoying themselves like crazy! we didn’t even had to direct anything, they just had a fantastic way of loving each other and we just shot that. With every click they showed more of what true connection, complicity and sinergy mean.

They literally had fun every second of their wedding, just the two of them, or with their guests, you could see (and can see in the pictures) that they were squeezing all the wedding goodness out of the day, and we  fell in love with that, and with them.

-Vero Ramírez and Mate Soto