Vale’s life is made of small joys. Being behind her camera is an example of these, waiting for that genuine gesture, waiting to mechanically repeat what can never be lived again. Her ample experience in photography does not eclipse the astonishment – nor the charm- that she feels for this art form: the light as a witness, as a presence, as an eternal present.

She knows she’s lucky in a big way because her trade and her passion wound up being the same thing. Hence, her discipline, her attention to details, her always willing to learn consciousness. She gives and leaves her energy in the pictures, and that, is to touch and allowed to be touched by those she portrays, and by doing so giving them the present of that small joy that they will feel when they return, over and over, to that picture that she captured.

Vale is an alphapartner for Sony Colombia. To see her fashion portfolio you can click here, or her travel photography blog here